Employees Speak

"I have been with this company since 2001. This is my first company, joined as a Trainee Technical and proud to say that I am now Project Manager for multiple customers. This is the ideal place for learning different aspects like functional, technical, management etc, gives opportunity for your career growth and gives a work-life balance system. Feel great to be part of NDFS."

Priya Thomas, Senior Project Manager

"I joined NDFS as a Campus recruit in 2014 in such a short span of time I've witnessed immense growth for both the company and myself professionally. For the aspiring professionals, there is no dearth of opportunities that NDFS can offer. Being a fresher we aspire to learn a lot from the first job, here at NDFS we are self motivated towards learning and we end up achieving our set goals quite easily."

Kritesh K, Senior Software Engineer

“As a fine admirer of the finesse of Computer Networks and Java technology during my engineering, I had great expectations about exercising the same when I joined NDFS through campus recruitment in 2011. Well, I got what I hoped for. The technologies here are absolutely scintillating with a sense of thrill in every stage of an accomplishment, all that a techie like me could have hoped for. Java Technology is a huge ocean. NDFS as a grand ship sails us through this ocean, providing a grand arena without any horizons to explore several reefs and pearls of this great technology, finally contributing to the greater good of Information System. Quite Thrilling isn't it!!! Being a part of NDFS is always fun. There is a delightful sense of camaraderie in every individual which makes it very special. One gets a great deal of freedom to express innovations. While "Premium is on Innovation" is what our firm believes, I would say the premium is definitely on innovation with a great sense of pride. NDFS has embraced me with a lot of growth, a lot of challenges and responsibilities as well. I have been able to visit places with different kinds of etiquettes, different kinds of cultures, a journey until now which has always been fascinating. Cheers”

Manas H.R, System Analyst